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    A strategic planner, rigorous implementer and a committed team leader, he is the Founder and CMD of Sri Maruti Group and its Chief Marketing Officer. Mr. Balachandar V. Nadar has led Sri Maruti's successful entry into the Renewable energy business in 2005 and has integrated the businesses in 2010 to be amongst the fastest growing enterprises in its class, with a vision and plan to grow into a large organisation providing High employment, High returns and most importantly Customer Delight.

    Company Overview

    To promote and harness wind energy for an all inclusive sustained growth-now and in the future. Aggressively campaign for this “Green Revolution” (Clean Energy) to encompass the economy, business, rural employment and contribute towards self reliance to meet the growing need of power. Sri Maruti Wind Park Developers will strive towards high efficiency in energy generation through the best technologies and cost efficiency through large volume. Strive to achieve prominence of wind energy in the energy mix to conserve depleting fossil fuels. Spread the message on the utilization of Green Power to lessen the adverse effect of global warming and climate change.

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